A few of the most frequently asked questions

How efficient are Grandee Boilers?

All of Grandee’s appliances are in excess of 90% efficient. But in most cases, if commissioned correctly, they are usually around 93% efficient. This basically means that for every litre/gallon of oil consumed around 93% of useful heat is extracted.

What is the flow rate of a Grandee Boiler?

The typical flow rate that you can expect from our combi appliance’s ranges between 12-14 litres at a 50 degree rise.

What is SEDBUK UK?

SEDBUK stands for ‘Seasonal Efficiency Data Base United Kingdom’. It is a government inspired scheme introduced to encourage and ensure that the efficiency of heating appliances can be rated. The grades are A.B.C.D.E with grade A representing the highest efficiency.

Grandee appliances are SEDBUK rated ‘A’, the highest grade .However combi boilers in general are rated as grade ‘B’ because an arbitrary 2.8% is deducted from all such designs. The method by which this arbitrary 2.8% is calculated is however being challenged as unfair and unrealistic by many manufacturers who actually believe .as we do, that combi condensing units are more efficient than separate hot water cylinder storage systems.

Why do the water circulating pumps run continuously on Grandee boilers?

On a Grandee combi boiler, the circulating pump is designed to run continuously whenever there is a live mains electric supply going to the boiler. That is, when the orange light on the control panel is illuminated. This is to ensure that the hot water in the primary heat exchanger is mixed both to help prevent layers of water developing at uneven temperatures and to help ‘maximise’ the heat store.

The electrical consumption is minimal and circulating pumps are more likely to fail when they have not been working for lengthy periods of time, e.g usually during summer months when many boilers are turned off for several weeks at a time.

What are the main advantages of a wall hung combi boiler?

Accounting for over half of new boiler installations high efficiency condensing combi boilers are a great space saving solution to that of a regular or system boiler, this is even more true of our Wall Hung Combi Boilers.

Combi’s work by heating hot water on demand which removes the need for a hot water tank in the airing cupboard, this provides good efficiency especially in smaller to medium sized properties as the water is only heated as and when required. A conventional boiler will also require a cold water tank in the loft.

Combi boilers take their feed direct from the mains supply which saves yet more space, there is, also less pipework required which generally results in lower installation costs.

It’s very difficult to list all but a few of the most frequently asked questions and queries on a Web Site, so if you have any specific questions, queries, concerns, or simply need a bit of advice, then please give us a ring, we’re only a phone call away and we’ll be only too pleased to help and advise you.